January 2017

Fukin love Derry! — Jasper James (@jasperjames_) January 29, 2017

Taka Boom: Taka’s Groove

Digging through some old stuff recently and found this gem.  12″ up on Discogs.

Still reflecting on how class @MotionBristol was on Friday. Fukin love that place!! — Jasper James (@jasperjames_) January 23, 2017

Been playing an Alkalino Edit of this a lot recently…

The original is glorious and so cool. Makes me wanna go Florida. I’ve been playing this Alkalino edit loads. George Mc Crae – Dont You Feel My Love…

Rhythm Plate: String Thing

A2 track String Thing is a wicked opening track. Really perfect for starting off the night. Started with at Motion and sadly that’s about all I can remember. It’s out on…

Introducing Homework

Welcome to Homework. My new blog. I’m going to use this for new music, chats with artists, good-looking threads, interesting people and anything else that i want to…

"Wait for the drop…" No thanks! — Jasper James (@jasperjames_) January 18, 2017

DJ Q: Feelin’ Moody

DJ Q AKA fun boy from Glasgow (good family friend) just been re-released on Robsoul which brought this track bak to my attention.