So, I’m playing with one of my favourite DJs of all time in Halifax at the end of next month. 30 April at Halifax Victoria Theatre with the sensei Carl Craig. Get more info on it here and get your earholes round these tracks to get excited. It took me ages to whittle these down and I’m still undecided. Belters.

This has been one of my biggest go to tracks since I can remember. The hypnotic driving bassline, that squelchy synth line and that totally demented sounding vocal literally sends the club crazy everytime!

This is one of my favourite house tracks ever made.

I still get goose bumps up my spine when the high pitch female vocal comes into play. Reminds me of going down to the Sub Club for the first time with my fake ID and sweating relentlessly on the dancefloor to this. Think i might have punched a few holes in the ceiling as well. 

Absolute classic, which was one of my biggest tracks for me during my residency at Phonox. TOP TIP:  Let it ride. 15 mins long. If you ever need to go for a toilet break in the club, here is what I call a ‘Toilet record’ (I’m so inventive). You will come back feeling like a new born baby and the crowd will still have their hands in the air. It’s as if you never left. 

Used this track in a recent ‘Mitchell street mix and been playing it out loads again recently. I love the rawness, the big break down with the rolling drum fills and driving baseline which almost sounds distorted which helps add to its charm. When that big Open High hat comes in were off! Carl at his best.

The better known version of this track has no drums and is more of a big trippy synth belter.  I prefer the max mix version which adds a big kick, drum-patterns & a deep sub. Results: a belter!  Whenever I play this track out people always come up to ask what it is, this reminds of the type of track I would hear Dom playing at Subculture back in the day, sending the club into a frenzy.