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Here’s a birthday card I drew for my Granny when I was 6 years old

Listen kids, you can achieve your dreams. Birthday card I drew for my Granny when I was 6 years old. 😂 #toldyeso #lifegoals ✔️ A post shared by…

New interview me and Jack did with Vicious Magazine

Jack and I sat down with the good folks at Vicious Magazine ahead of our B2B at DGTL Barcelona. For the record, Jack, I prefer The Sopranos to…

Poster Designer Paul Hempstead: Q&A

Video artist Amie Nowlan: Q&A

Amie Nowlan runs CUT FILM in Bristol. She’s a motion graphics and video artist who worked on an amazing promo video that went alongside the release of Keep On….


Desperate times for the big man. — Jasper James (@jasperjames_) June 6, 2017

I love you Liverpool

This was 10mins into my set at @buyersclubbar in Liverpool. Big up yourself ya bunch of looney's! @upstairswith — Jasper James (@jasperjames_) May 5, 2017

Paul Beveridge (Ramen Dayo!): Q&A

This interview will make you feel fucking hungry. If you hadn’t heard, Jack and Spencer opened a restaurant in Glasgow. It’s called Ramen Dayo. They do ramen. It’s…

uh oh

Don't think they realise they've entered the real life version of the film Bad Neighbours. — Jasper James (@jasperjames_) March 8, 2017

Still reflecting on how class @MotionBristol was on Friday. Fukin love that place!! — Jasper James (@jasperjames_) January 23, 2017