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Long live Sub Club!

Myself, Jack and Denis Sulta spoke to Red Bull about the magic of 22 Jamaica Street (Sub Club) to celebrate its 30th year in operation. As I told…

Final preparation!

Sorting tunes for the weekend! Homework Tour 2 incoming! Tickets: Leeds, Liverpool and Glasgow.

The internet is the best thing

It was only a matter of time 😂 — Jasper James (@jasperjames_) June 2, 2017 if this doesn’t make sense watch this! When your driver in India…

Elias Mazian

Played with this guy in Dam over the weekend. I think we’re the same age? (Maybe he’s a little older). Anyway, one of the best sets I’ve heard…

Fukin love Derry! — Jasper James (@jasperjames_) January 29, 2017

"Wait for the drop…" No thanks! — Jasper James (@jasperjames_) January 18, 2017