Saw Elias in Dam the other week and he was mint.  I was playing at Hyte in and the promoter put me b2b with Elias who I had heard about but never heard play. He turned out to be a great selector. We gelled really well when playing and I loved a load of tunes he brought out which I hadn’t heard before. Here’s some more info in a wee chat we had…

How did you get into DJing?

There was this typical moment as a teenager that I started to listen to ‘real’ music instead of the commercial stuff on the radio. That music was hip-hop and I was completely obsessed, so my days were filled with discovering music. All these tracks were filled with samples so then I got really into jazz, soul, funk and all that kind of music. In high school I also really wasn’t really into going out and girls (that changed later obviously) so my weekends were filled with this maniacal need to discover new music and to categorize all these genres and sounds. So when I finally got a girlfriend at 18 and was starting to go to clubs here and there this habit resulted in me always complaining about music. It went on to the point that my girlfriend was like: If you’re complaining all the time why don’t you do it yourself. And there you have it.

Where can people see you play or listen to your sets?

I have a residency at De School in Amsterdam so that’s my homebase. I’m doing a night on 24/02 w/ Tama Sumo and 31/03 w/ Shanti Celeste & Max Abysmal. I also do a monthly show on Red Light Radio called Private Hearts.

Name 4 tunes you have enjoyed playing in your sets recently

Logic System – Clash 

Amazing Japanese stuff. It sounds like video game music to dance to.

Don Carlos – Alone (Paradise)

Perfect opener of a lot of my sets. Italian house classic!

USG- Life 4 Living (Dub Life Mix)

Vintage Ron Trent track, the groove in this track is so real. Love it. And the vocal bits are beautifully placed and give me shivers every time. 

Connie Case – Get Down

Love how ‘off’ the beat is in this track but it still swings really well. They must have been high when they made this track. 

Link us to a mix of yours we might not have heard

What other Amsterdam DJs should we be looking out for?

There’s a lot of talent in Amsterdam but one of my favourite young ones is Max Abysmal. A real selector with a great deal of passion and enthusiasm. Also from the city of Delft we have my man Woody. Quite the character but in a very good way. He is very original DJ and he sounds like no one and no one sounds like him. 

Tell us a little bit about the Barre Tijden soundsystem? 

I used to have a crew called Barre Tijden which translates to Rough Times. We had DJ’s, filmmakers and other creative figures. We used to do some crazy parties but everyone kind of went his own way. We’re still friends though. The DJ’s combined we’re called Barre Tijden Soundsystem (amazing right..?).