Right then! I had to keep things in the family to kick off the Homework mix series. Homework Mix 001 comes courtesy of my auld da! The big man proves why he’s one of the world’s longest standing residents and why he’s such a massive inspiration to me and my peers with this effortless cocktail of colourful house and deep-dive disco. His crates are bottomless. I asked him some questions about the mix too and he couldn’t resist the opportunity to take the mickey. Enjoy!

What have you been up to recently?
Just back from my 6am hang gliding lesson on my way to extreme pilates

Did you record this mix at home?
Yes, recorded at the chateau after all the staff had left

What sort of vibe were you going for?
I was after a 5pm Wednesday late afternoon early evening vibe

Did you approach this differently to how you’d approach a club set?
I didn’t fancy doing a generic house mix, so I didn’t

Any particular tracks in here which you want to shout out?
My personal favourite is Joutro Mundo – Cauê. It’s in Portuguese I think… I’ve got absolutely no idea what it is about, sounds great to my ears though

Having been a resident for so long, how important is it to you to find new records? 
I love finding new records, and old records that are new to my ears… it’s my job, I love it and I take it seriously.

Is it true you did this in one take?
Is that unusual? Spontaneity is the spice of life