It’s mix number two! Keeping things local, I hit up Big Miz who – like me – started young and cut his teeth in our city’s incredible scene. The story behind this mix reflects that – rainy Thursdays, sneaking into Subby and digging at Rubadub. It’s an infectious, jacking hour of music that gives you a glimpse of the kind of energy this guy brings to dancefloors. This is the right material to get you ready for the weekend.

Me and Miz are playing together for Jack and Numbers’ Mastermix WHP night in December. Info here.

What have you been up to recently?

Recently I have just been working during the week and skateboarding when it’s dry. I played a good few gigs over the summer but I have a slight break now before getting back into the swing of things over winter into the New Year. Waiting on the next release which is getting pressed on Dixon Avenue Basement Jams so excited for that. It’s gonna be a big one!

Did you record this mix at home?

I recorded this mix in Sub Club as I have had some issues with my audio interface at home recently. Thankfully Shambles, the sound engineer, had to head in to do repairs on some lights so he let me in for a few hours to get it done.

Big up Shambles! What sort of vibe were you going for?

I hadn’t even opened my record bag from a gig I had a few weeks before at the Art School, and then on to our after party spot, so the mix is pretty close to what I would be playing out in the club. It is slightly more chilled as it was recorded on a rainy Thursday night after work. It would have been a totally different mix if I recorded it at the weekend!

Did you approach this differently to how you’d approach a club set?

Not really. I didn’t plan it out or pre-pick any records. I just went for what felt right at the time. There’s a few ropey mixes but I decided against recording it again as I feel those imperfections are what keeps it interesting!

Any particular tracks in here which you want to shout out?

There’s a few in there from my own album which is out very soon. The S89001 track is a ripper that I bumped from Jackmaster’s Beats in Space mix. There’s a belter in there from fellow Glaswegian Wheelman that just came out on Studio Barnhus. The last track is an edit that was sent to me by another Glaswegian Unit Tr. That always kills it in the club. 

How do you dig for tunes, and what’s your best approach for crate diggers?

My crate digging mainly consists of going into Rubadub and asking them what new stuff has come in that’s good. They know what kind of records I’m into and always put me onto the good shit. Signing up to the mailing list for the online record stores is also a good way to keep on top of the new records that are coming out. There’s so much out there though that it can be hard not to spend all your money on records! I have recently been limiting myself to only buying stuff that I really love or know I will play out in the club. 

Did you lay this mix down in one take?

As Shambles was gonna kick me out of the club when he was done, and I left it late to get it recorded, it was one take or nothing. If I done it again I would get the mixes a bit tighter but fuck it, hopefully the troops enjoy it!