One of my best friends Moe (the legend in the middle of the photo above) has recently been diagnosed with MS.

I’ve known Moe my whole life and he is one of the most genuine, kind hearted, good souls I’ve ever been fortunate enough to meet. In order to help try and raise money for his Stem Cell treatment in Mexico, myself and Jackmaster will be hosting an event at SWG3 with Artwork and some other local talent. If you can spare a few quid for this cause it would be greatly appreciated. Check out Artwork’s post below for some really well-worded information on our friend and the cause.

More info on the event here.

Thank you. 💗

On December 8th there will be a benefit party at SWG3 to raise money for our good friend Moe Abutoq. Jack & Jasper will be joined by Joshua, Jonjosé, Celino and myself as we try to raise as much as possible to help fund breakthrough MS treatment for Moe in Mexico. MS differs in every person but at the moment its has caused Moe serious physical difficulties over the past two years, resulting in severe tremors in both hands. Everyday tasks you and I take for granted verge on impossible. The disease has progressed to the point where it is affecting his balance, speech and everyday life. Sadly there is currently no cure for MS and the medication prescribed by the NHS is not working, though there is a breakthrough stem cell treatment available in Mexico that offers Moe another chance at leading a normal life. Stem cell treatment essentially re-starts your whole system and in the majority of cases it has amazing results. Like every treatment it has its risks, but Moe and his family know it is the best option available. Tickets for the party are only £10, though if you can contribute any more towards Moe’s treatment, please do so using the following link: Cheers, and see you there! Oh I’ll probably be getting the train up if you fancy coming along from London 😉

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