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New b2b with Jack on Dazed!

Get you in the mood for summer before all the madness, here’s some b2b business with Jack over on Dazed. We also have a good chat about growing…

This was another hitter from the Homework tour…

I love you Liverpool

This was 10mins into my set at @buyersclubbar in Liverpool. Big up yourself ya bunch of looney's! @upstairswith — Jasper James (@jasperjames_) May 5, 2017

New Single: Dirty Wrong!

ICYMI! New single out on Seth’s Play It Say It label. Rob Mello came through with some puncy remixes to boot. Stream it / buy it here. Big…

Listen to my first ever NTS show!

You can now Listen back to my first ever NTS Radio Show from the weekend! I was worried nobody would be able to understand my accent. Big up Palace…

Paul Beveridge (Ramen Dayo!): Q&A

This interview will make you feel fucking hungry. If you hadn’t heard, Jack and Spencer opened a restaurant in Glasgow. It’s called Ramen Dayo. They do ramen. It’s…

Carl Craig Top 5

So, I’m playing with one of my favourite DJs of all time in Halifax at the end of next month. 30 April at Halifax Victoria Theatre with the…

uh oh

Don't think they realise they've entered the real life version of the film Bad Neighbours. — Jasper James (@jasperjames_) March 8, 2017

b2b with my auld da!

Boiler Room’s first ever father and son b2b session at our home of Subby.  Enjoy! 👊🏼

HOMEWORK Tour w/ Tom Trago

There’s good news and good news.  Firstly, I’m moving to Amsterdam with Tom Trago. We’re celebrating. Playing all night long in London, Leeds and Glasgow before heading off….